Te Rōpu Pakihi

Te Haa O Te Reo


This resource has been developed to assist Māori in business and Māori business owners who seek to express kaupapa in their business and places of work. Inside Te Haa o Te Reo you will find a range of;

  • Karakia Whakatauki

  • opening a hui proverbs used to reinforce a message

  • closing a hui Waiata

  • karakia kai songs

  • Himene Kupu mo te wharemahi

  • hymns and prayers words often used in the place of work

  • Kupu o tuhi kōrero Kiwaha

  • written communications everyday phrases

These booklets are perfect sized for handbags or even the back pocket as they are: 15cm in length and 10 in width. Te Haa o Te Reo is on sale for $28.75 including gst If you would like to purchase a Te Haa o Te Reo booklet, please contact us today (06) 3648598 or alternatively please email renee@taoni.maori.nz