Te Rōpu Pakihi

Maori Business Awards


“The network’s flagship event is its Māori business awards held every two years. The kaupapa based awards programme recognises the influence of kaupapa on our activities in business and community.”

As a kaupapa Māori rōpū[1], we seek to maximise the distinctive characteristics of our membership and those of a Māori business network.  The Māori business awards provides opportunities to recognise and celebrate the presence of kaupapa tuku iho in our businesses.  The process also supplies us with added understanding of the distinctiveness of Māori enterprise.

This year’s Awards programme continues to focus on recognising our uniqueness.  The awards demonstrate how kaupapa and tikanga not only infuse our businesses, but how the adoption of a kaupapa and tikanga framework into our business strategies can produce business excellence and innovation.[2]  We doubt that the expression of kaupapa is industry specific, that size has an influence, or that there are any good business practices that cannot be expressed as tikanga Māori.  In fact, we believe that the incorporation of these values has a role in determining business sustainability and addressing our low business survival rates.

Award Categories

Te Rōpū Pakihi acknowledges that Māori define and practice kaupapa Māori in ways that may differ from those used in this Awards programme;  for the purposes of promoting common understanding we have developed the following definitions from a business context .  These definitions are based on those developed for the Te Rōpū Pakihi constitution.  We encourage entrants to provide additional kaupapa and tikanga as they feel comfortable.


Recognising how the business ensures customers and suppliers benefit from transactions and that the mana of all people they come in contact with is enhanced from those exchanges Personnel feel confident in the value of the product and service and are able to communicate the benefits to others.


Recognising the business has practices in place that ensure unity of purpose and direction that produces consistent services and products through sound operational systems and use of technology.  The business creates an environment where relationships thrive; where the reciprocal rights and responsibilities of all staff and management are maintained and planned for.


Recognising that the business is committed to fostering and protecting the sustainability of the business and of the environment it operates within.

Benefits of Entering

We encourage our members to take this opportunity to contribute to this distinctively Māori celebration of business and support the expression of kaupapa tuku iho in Māori enterprise by entering the Awards programme.  There a range of benefits including:

· Learn how kaupapa and tikanga can add value to your business

· Celebrate your achievements with your team

· Take a long hard look at what you are doing in the business

· Benchmark your business

· Be recognised for your efforts

· Market to a new audience

· It’s fun!

[1] The membership of Te Rōpū Pakihi formally adopted the kaupapa and tikanga framework developed by Te Wānanga o Raukawa in 2007.

[2] The organisers of the awards appreciate that there are range of kaupapa tuku iho (values inherited from tupuna Māori) in addition to those adopted by Te Rōpū Pakihi and identified through the 2008 Awards.